Golden 6.x Update History

Version 6.2 Build 665 - March 2, 2018

  • Fixed several keyboard scrolling issues in the SQLBuilder and in the editor quick popup lists.

Version 6.2 Build 664 - February 8, 2018

  • Fixed Excel export code to use running Excel instance if available but also fixed the issue where xlstart files would become visible and couldn't close.
  • Fixed an issue if EXPORT EXCELFILE couldn't find the template file.
  • Fixed an issue if EXPORT EXCELFILE was called with just one argument.
  • Performance improvements to Excel export.
  • Fixed problem with default script and spool directories not changing with open/save directory changes. Only used if no file path given and default dir options aren't set.

Version 6.2 Build 663 - January 6, 2018

  • Fixed issue with SQLBuilder not scrolling into view when searching.
  • Fixed issue with packages not showing argumentless methods (specific to Oracle
  • Fixed issue with types not showing argumentless methods (specific to Oracle
  • Favorites menu will now skip .git and .hg directories.
  • Changed Excel export code to always start a new instance (fixes macro issues.)
  • Performance improvements to parsing scripts.

Version 6.2 Build 662 - January 28, 2017

  • Fixed an issue loading ANSI files containing certain character sequences.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering the datagrid where the column header contained single quotes.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering grid cells containing a backslash.

Version 6.2 Build 661 - December 20, 2016

  • Several performance improvements.
  • Added "UTF-8 without BOM" option to ImpExp.
  • Fixed a bug related to transposed mode and "Retain data".
  • Fixed a parsing bug related to non-bracketed q quoted strings and a single quote immediately after the leading q quote delimiter.

Version 6.2 Build 660 - August 30, 2016

  • Changed the accept, prompt and pause commands to do a datagrid autosize first.
  • Changed the various "save as" dialogs to properly set the default directory and filename (fixes a display issue for long paths.)
  • Improved ImpExp performance for batch loads with rejected records.
  • Improved ImpExp's handling of LOB importing and rejected records.

Version 6.2 Build 659 - March 6, 2016

  • Fixed an issue where sorting in edit mode wasn't working.
  • Fixed a prompt variable issue where COLUMN NEW_VAL would clear on an empty query.

Version 6.2 Build 658 - February 17, 2016

  • Fixed issue with parsing of complex script arguments on the commandline.
  • Fixed issue with dbms_output showing blank lines in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where editing data using a synonym would require ROWID even if PK was present.
  • Several more improvements to Oracle Client detection.

Version 6.2 Build 657 - January 7, 2016

  • Added PHP to language copy/paste.
  • Added C Style escaping option to language copy/paste.
  • Several minor improvements to the language copy/paste feature.
  • Added "Show time first" option to the grids date time format settings.
  • Changed parsing to fix issue where &cmd wouldn't work as a statement.
  • Changed default encoding of EXPORT CSV script command to ANSI.
  • Fixed issue where SET ENCODING wasn't affecting the EXPORT script command.
  • Changed timeout check when loading favorites menu to 60 seconds from 15 seconds.
  • Improvements to Oracle Client detection and connection diagnostics.

Version 6.2 Build 656 - June 8, 2015

  • Added a timeout check when loading the Favorites menu.
  • Fixed an issue where there could be a hangup on program start.
  • Fixed a problem where running Explain plan would only explain the first statement in the script instead of the statement at the cursor.

Version 6.2 Build 655 - May 6, 2015

  • Added Oracle 12 specific PL/SQL keywords to parser.
  • Added Disable Shift-Enter hotkey choice to advanced options tab.
  • Added export to script of insert statements to advanced export options.
  • Added option to launch urls in default browser when choosing Cell Details (double-clicking a cell.) Option appears on the DataGrid options page.
  • Improved parsing speed and error highlighting
  • Improved stepping through scripts to accurately move caret to statement start.
  • Improved SQL Formatter to preserve comments around individual statements.
  • Improved SQL Builder display to workaround issue where Oracle's ALL_OBJECTS view doesn't show certain role granted objects.
  • Improved Oracle Client detection.
  • Fixed NULL display for lobs and object fields.
  • Fixed formatted and col set null setting for spool data.
  • Fixed an issue detecting the inline pl/sql hint in a final statement not delimited by a semicolon.

Version 6.2 Build 653 - October 9, 2014

  • Quick exports will now use defaults saved from the advanced export window.
  • Added a more robust check for circular references on the favorites menu.
  • Added support for next/previous tab buttons on mice that contain the extra buttons.
  • Improved tnsnames.ora parsing code.
  • Fixed a performance problem when parsing very large script files.
  • Fixed a problem with idle logout or connection loss where the tab would show as busy.
  • Fixed a problem with CHAR types in object attributes.
  • Fixed a sorting issue with cached objects.

Version 6.2 Build 652 - May 1, 2014

  • Improved Excel export speed, memory use, and visual feedback.
  • Added ability to show nested tables as a string (this is now the default and is set in the "Advanced Options" page of the options window.)
  • Fixed print code to show null indicators correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where bind variables would be typed as a string instead of a number in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick login list would not be sorted after using the filter feature.
  • Fixed a problem when showing the cell detail window for nested table data.
  • Added "Defer Lob Reading" option to the advanced options page. This can be used to change how CLOBs are loaded. When deferred, which is the default, they are loaded only if displayed or needed, otherwise they are loaded when running the query.

Version 6.2 Build 651 - March 5, 2014

  • New Export handing of SQL for spreadsheet exports on the Advanced Export window.
  • New EXPORT command clauses:
    • SQLABOVEDATA: Puts current SQL statement above the spreadsheet data, moving the data down.
    • SQLBELOWDATA: Puts current SQL statement below the spreadsheet data.
    • SQLNEXTSHEET: Puts current SQL statement on a new Worksheet named "SQL".
  • Improved tnsnames and Oracle Client detection.
  • Workspace saves as utf8 when unicode characters detected.
  • Opening a file will only reuse an empty tab if it was created on startup and is empty.
  • Fixed issue with column reordering in cached mode.
  • Fixed several problems exporting a selection to Open Office/Libre Office Calc.
  • Fixed problem with ImpExp and exporting certain number types.
  • Fixed issue using the DESC command with Oracle 9 Clients.

Version 6.2 Build 650 - September 12, 2013

  • Added support for Oracle 12 inline pl/sql statements:
    • with function/with procedure
    • DML statements with /* WITH_PLSQL */ hint.
  • Added ability to include workspace name on print headers/footers.
  • Added "Pause on PROMPT command" option which is on by default.
  • Added "Trim CHAR types" option to the advanced options page. This will trim the extra spaces on CHAR fields but isn't usually needed.
  • Improved performance of DESC command.
  • Improved ImpExp6's handling of Timestamp types.
  • Fixed an issue where ROWID column wasn't being shown.
  • Fixed a problem sending dates between 1/1/1900 and 3/1/1900 to Excel through the OLE Automation Interface.
  • Fixed a formatting issue with dates when using the direct Excel file export method.
  • Fixed current datagrid view and selection will be preserved if possible between queries.
  • Fixed record delimiter was always CRLF in advanced delimited export.
  • Fixed issue with read-only files and prompt option for editing.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate database names in login window dropdown.
  • Fixed issue with format width not being saved in SQLFormatter options.
  • Fixed a problem related to trying to re-login disconnected tabs that contained a connect statement.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to resize the final column by double-clicking.
  • Fixed an issue with using DESC when current_schema was changed.
  • Fixed an issue with the new_value clause of the COLUMN script command.

Version 6.1 Build 649 - June 14, 2013

  • Fixed the tab order of the SQLFormatter options window.
  • Added a hotkey for the SQLFormatter (Shift-Ctrl-F)
  • Fixed a problem where the "Check web for updates" option would not refresh the page cache.
  • Fixed issue where print refcursor wouldn't show up in the spool file (or text view spool.)
  • Fixed a rare issue with clearing refcursor bind variables.

Version 6.1 Build 648 - June 6, 2013

  • Added Advanced Exporting and improved export script commands
  • Added SQL Statement reformatting (Edit menu)
  • Added Tab coloring option for login list items
  • Added Running timer for busy tabs
  • Added "Actively highlight braces" option to the editor page.
  • Added Ping server for keepalive option to the advanced option page.
  • Added Default Script Directory setting.
  • Added Multiline replace feature on the edit menu.
  • Added command-line @ (equal to -a) and command-line argument passing.
  • Fixed an issue where pasting into the editor wouldn't start a new undo block.
  • Fixed an issue with timestamps when using the am/pm format.
  • Fixed a situation where the toolbars could have an issue if a number of instances were closed at once.
  • Changed some non-printing characters in data output to be more visible.
  • Improved error messages when the Oracle client couldn't be found or loaded.
  • Improved help file.

Version 6.0 Build 646 - March 12, 2012

  • Fixed an issue where Excel files saved with an extension wouldn't default to the proper format.
  • Fixed several issues with script parsing related to prompt variable handling.
  • Fixed a problem with bind variables in SQL statements with double quotes.
  • Fixed a problem with ImpExp and loading ANSI files with multi-byte characters (mainly Korean codepage 949.)
  • Greatly increased ImpExp's file handling speed.

Version 6.0 Build 645 - February 23, 2012

  • Fixed an error if the DBMS_OUTPUT window was set to always open and user didn't login.
  • Fixed a problem with the autoexit flag if the nologin flag was also used.
  • Fixed a problem with ImpExp when loading files with a byte order mark and no header.
  • Added ANSI codepage information to the diagnostics.

Version 6.0 Build 644 - January 14, 2012

  • Fixed a problem with PLSQLSTRING bind variables being limited to 4000 chars instead of 32k.
  • Fixed a problem with directory shortcuts on the favorites menu.
  • Fixed a problem exporting numbers to Excel and having them not be recognized depending on regional settings.
  • Fixed a problem aborting a query if there were object types active in the datagrid.
  • Fixed a problem aborting a query with spooling on.
  • Fixed the issue that a statement couldn't start with a prompt variable.
  • Fixed the "spool to text view" option to honor the "set heading off/on" setting.
  • Fixed a rare issue with escaped prompt variables of the same name mixed with non-escaped ones.
    e.g. select '&benthic', '\&benthic', '&benthic' from dual;

Version 6.0 Build 642 - January 14, 2011

  • Fixed the cursor not scrolling into view when pasting into the SQL area.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a private tab would logout the public session.
  • Improved the connection diagnostics output.

Version 6.0 Build 641 - October 12, 2010

  • Added new EXPORT command to export in TAB delimited format.
  • Added new optional parameter NOTITLES to the EXPORT CSV command.
  • Added new features to the EXPORT EXCEL/OOCALC commands. Now you can specify a save filename, suppress the overwrite file warning and also close Excel/OOCALC automatically (if no save errors.)
    Export command syntax:
    • EXPORT EXCEL|OOCALC ["TemplateFilename"|NONE] ["SaveToFilename"] [NOOVERWRITEWARNING] [CLOSE]
    Note that the TemplateFilename is required if SaveToFilename is used but can be an empty string "" or NONE
    Example Script:
    • select * from cat where rownum <= 100;
    • -- Export to Excel using default template, a save filename, no overwrite warning and close Excel.
    • export excel "" "c:\myexcel.xls" NOOVERWRITEWARNING CLOSE
  • Fixed an issue with editing time values where the local format setting was different than the regional setting.
  • Fixed a problem where the Golden6 process would keep running even if it was being used to autorun a script with the -x commandline option (which tells Golden to exit after running the -a script.)
  • Fixed a problem where editing the server list in the login options page wouldn't save.
  • Added check for TNS_ADMIN in HKLM\Software\Oracle location (since the Oracle Client checks there.)

Version 6.0 Build 640 - August 26, 2010

  • Improved the response time of starting to edit a record.
  • Improved the edit handling for synonyms.
  • Added new option "Retain data after logout" to the Datagrid page of the options window.
  • Added new option "Default spool directory" to the General page of the options window.
  • Added new "Search across tabs" option to the Find and Replace windows.
  • Fixed a problem where timestamps wouldn't use the time format in the options window.
  • Fixed a problem sorting CLOB columns.
  • Fixed a problem exporting dates to Excel 2010.
  • Fixed a problem where Golden 6 wasn't prompting for password change during password grace period.
  • Fixed an issue showing binary data (hex) in the cell detail window.
  • Changed the hotkey for "view scratch window" to F11 to match Golden 5.
  • Changed the installer to add the version and support information to the add/remove software list.

Version 6.0 Build 638 - June 25, 2010

  • Fixed another issue with loading commandline files if using Window's "Open with" feature.
  • Fixed several keyboard selection issues with the login list.

Version 6.0 Build 637 - June 17, 2010

  • Fixed Timestamps with local timezone would not use the session's timezone if it was changed with "alter session".
  • Fixed the datagrid explain plan would only show the first 100 rows.
  • Fixed an issue with loading commandline files if using Window's "Open with" feature.

Version 6.0 Build 636 - April 26, 2010

  • Added "View scratch window of current results" to the View menu.
  • Added "View" menu items to go to data/text/log page directly instead of having to toggle.
  • Added "View" dropdown button to the status bar.
  • Added "Close other tabs" option to the tab right click menu.
  • Moved the live script spooling feature to the 'Text view' page and added a checkbox for it. This feature allows you to run a script and have the information appear in the text view as if it was the output of the "spool" command.
  • Fixed some issues involving DBMS OUTPUT.
  • Fixed issue where the log view wouldn't work if it was showing while a script was run.
  • Fixed refreshing the LoginList if a login was auto added.
  • Added "Use Unicode" option to the login options. This can help if you are using an older Oracle Client and can't upgrade to a newer one. It can also help if you need to use the client dataset setting and not the servers (this generally would mean that the server is setup incorrectly.)
  • ImpExp: Fixed a problem saving some of the default options.
  • ImpExp: Added a "Default export file format" option.

Version 6.0 Build 635 - March 11, 2010

  • Fixed: Fixed a problem when selecting string constants with trailing spaces.
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem formatting number fields in the grid and using the column format command.

Version 6.0 Build 633 - January 13, 2010

  • Fixed: ImpExp6: Fixed a problem importing LONG fields containing Unicode data.
  • Fixed: ImpExp6: Fixed a problem with importing and exporting BLOB data.
  • Added: Option to turn off tab icons (to fit more on the screen at once.)
  • Added: Option on the advanced page to turn off file save prompting.
  • Fixed: Display issue with the Show Tabs Stacked option.
  • Improved: If you are using the autopopups and you type an alias that you haven't used yet you will see the tables display. Once you pick one and use the right arrow to go to the column list that alias will be registered to that table so you will go directly to the column list next time.

Version 6.0 Build 631 - November 16, 2009

  • Added: Encodings to the XML export window.
  • Added: EXPORT XML "FILENAME" command.
    • This command affects spool files and exported csv and xml files.
    • Use NOBOM to skip writing the byte order mark (BOM) at the beginning of Unicode and UTF-8 files. This is not recommended as the BOM indicates the character encoding of the file.
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem describing objects across a dblink in certain cases.

Version 6.0 Build 630 - October 28, 2009

  • Fixed: DBMS_OUTPUT couldn't handle lines longer than 2000 characters.
  • Fixed: Main window wouldn't remember maximized state.
  • Fixed: Problem displaying objects.
  • Added: SET EMBEDDED ON|OFF command to remove trailing CRLF from datasets in spool files.

Version 6.0 Build 628 - October 5, 2009

New features:

  • Full Unicode support.
  • Customizable Toolbars.
  • New Login window with improved login list. Auto import from Golden 5.
  • All new datagrid with better cell range selection and speed/look improvements.
  • Client side sorting via column sort buttons (Ctrl-Click for multi level sorting)
  • Client side formatting of dates and numbers.
  • Popup "SQL QuickLists" with saved alias support (bring it up with Ctrl-Space or turn on auto popup mode in the editor options.)
  • Popup help for function arguments.
  • Run and edit single statement in script.
  • Run selected text (select a subquery and run it).
  • Read-only file handling.
  • Modified status and cursor position information.
  • Optional text ellipsis (...) for grid cells.
  • Alternate null indicator for data grid cells.
  • Improved FindInGrid window.
  • FILTER like this cell (select cell and choose option in Results menu or right click menu).
  • OpenOffice Calc support for export.
  • Default template files for Excel and OpenOffice Calc exports.
  • Insert new record anywhere in grid (in edit mode).
  • Oracle 10 alternate quoting mechanism support.
  • Support for flexible date entry including ANSI standard YYYYMMDD.
  • SDO_Geometry support.
  • Improved XMLType handling.
  • General Object support (display similar to SQLPlus).
  • Arrays and nested table support.
  • Spool output directly to log window if log window is open when starting script.
  • Additional Spool command options like APPEND.
  • COLUMN statement handling.
  • Significantly improved multi-monitor support.
  • Uses Vista and Windows 7 advanced open/save windows.
  • The Cell detail window now allows searching.
  • Many other display and functional improvements!