PLEdit Update History

Version 6.2 Build 611 - March 3, 2016

  • Added parenthesis and bracket live highlighting.
  • Added bracket highlighting options on the syntax highlighting page of the options window.
  • Added higher quality icons including dedicated large icons if that option is selected in the toolbar customization window.
  • Added "Interface" option to view menu to select menu and toolbar appearance.
  • General improvements to Oracle Client detection and diagnostics (updated to match Golden.)

Version 6.1 Build 610 - September 22, 2015

  • Fixed issue where startup tab wouldn't be reused when loading from database.
  • Fixed a bug in text search in the module list of the load from database window.
  • Fixed several column sizing issues in the module list of the load from database window.
  • Fixed problems if the schema name is a quoted identifier.
  • Improved sorting in the module list window.
  • Improved parsing speed and error position reporting in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where schema could be added twice to the text of a trigger.
  • General improvements with Oracle Client searching and diagnostics.

Version 6.0 Build 609 - August 7, 2014

  • Fixed a bug related to closing a tab from the editor popup menu.
  • Added a more robust check for circular links on the favorites menu.
  • Added support for next/previous tab buttons on mice that contain the extra buttons.
  • Improved tnsnames.ora parsing code.

Version 6.0 Build 608 - April 29, 2014

  • Added new color coded login window and tabs feature.
  • Updated Oracle Client detection code to match Golden.
  • Updated diagnostic information.
  • Changed the file loading code to only reuse empty startup tabs.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the main menu would disappear.
  • Fixed issue where search across tabs wasn't working.
  • Fixed several comment parsing problems.

Version 6.0 Build 607 - February 21, 2012

  • Fixed: The dependency window was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed: Several windows weren't handling their saved properties correctly.
  • Fixed: Worked around a rare issue that could cause compiles to report success even if they failed.

Version 6.0 Build 605 - May 3, 2011

  • Fixed: The alternate login shortcut (Ctrl-J).
  • Fixed: Compile selected modules on the load from database window would stop if an error was encountered.

Version 6.0 Build 604 - April 13, 2011

  • Fixed: Loading trigger code from database would not preserve comments in the header section.

Version 6.0 Build 603 - April 5, 2011

  • Fixed: String literals with implicit line breaks were using CRLF. Changed to just LF to match PLEdit 5 and SQLPlus.

Version 6.0 Build 602 - March 15, 2011

  • Added: "Close other tabs" to the tab popup menu.
  • Fixed: Greatly improved the performance of loading many big files at once.
  • Fixed: Some hotkeys (such as F3) would be disabled until the menu was clicked.
  • Fixed: A display issue in the errors/warnings list.

Version 6.0 Build 601 - March 7, 2011

  • Fixed: Error message when running second instance.
  • Fixed: Sometimes wouldn't accept dropped files from Explorer.

Version 6.0 Build 600 - March 1, 2011

New features:

  • Full Unicode support.
  • Support for Oracle 10+ PLSQL_WARNINGS for warnings and hints during compiling.
  • Customizable Toolbars.
  • New Login window with improved login list.
  • Improved read-only file handling.
  • Significantly improved multi-monitor support.
  • Vista and Windows 7 advanced open/save windows.

Version 5.7 Build 293 - December 1, 2008

  • Fixed: Fixed some visual and focus issues on 64bit Vista.

Version 5.7 Build 292 - August 8, 2008

  • Improved: Replace will now prompt to continue at the top if needed.
  • Fixed: The Find and Find&Replace windows could close and not come back in certain situations.

Version 5.7 Build 290 - February 15, 2008

  • Fixed: Dictionary query error on Oracle 8.

Version 5.7 Build 289 - February 11, 2008

  • Fixed: SQLBuilder will now show CHAR length semantics when appropriate.
  • Fixed: If a type had revisions it would show up multiple times in the 'open from database' list.

Version 5.7 Build 288 - September 26, 2007

  • Fixed: Indenting and unindenting blocks with Ctrl-I/U or the menu choices would always use tab characters even if the options were set to use spaces instead of tabs. Using Tab and Shift-Tab with selected text would indent and unindent properly.
  • Added: Added NOT NULL information to table details in the SQLBuilder. Note: If table details are slow to display, change the "Column information" option in the SQLBuilder options page to "Columns only".
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem with using "/@database as sysdba" in the login window.
  • Fixed: 'Scan for tabs and replace with spaces' option would prompt multiple times.

Version 5.7 Build 287 - March 9, 2007

  • Fixed: Fixed a problem with "Large fonts" system setting.

Version 5.7 Build 286 - February 15, 2007

  • Added: Added option to use different file extensions for each module type. Check 'Use Module Specific Extensions' and click the 'Set Extensions' button to set the extensions used for each module type.
  • Added: Added a start menu link for the HTMLHelp version of the help file if you are using Vista (which doesn't support the old WinHelp help file version.)
  • Improved: Prompts user if they want to stop or continue on an error while exporting multiple modules.
  • Improved: Fixed some minor interface issues for Windows Vista. Please report any problems!
  • Fixed: Removed recyclebin objects from the SQLBuilder.
  • Fixed: Error using the Tools menu if logged in 'as sysdba' or 'as sysoper'.
  • Fixed: Fixed problem compiling triggers loaded from the database that contained inline (--) style comments in the 'WHEN' clause.

Version 5.7 Build 285 - January 5, 2006

  • New: PLEdit will now attempt to re-create triggers on views when compiling them. If the triggers don't compile they are loaded into a tab for editing.
  • Improved: New menu style.
  • Improved: Changes in 'Check web for update' procedure now uses system internet settings so it no longer requires setting proxy information for those using proxies. It now performs any needed download by requesting the download to be made from your default web browser.
  • Improved: Improved the initial painting of the 'load from database' window.
  • Improved: Several minor editing issues fixed.

Version 5.7 Build 283 - May 24, 2005

  • Improved: Fixed a minor problem with PLEdit and detecting the 10g Instant client on machines with prior versions listed in the system registry.

Version 5.7 Build 282 - February 27, 2005

  • Fixed: Fixed a rare problem with the SQLBuilder's column display and multi-byte character sets.

Version 5.7 Build 281 - February 11, 2005

  • Fixed: The column information retrieval in the SQLBuilder was querying for key and index information even if 'Columns Only' was set in the 'Column Information' option.

Version 5.7 Build 280 - January 19, 2005

  • Fixed: Fixed a 'could not find oci.dll' problem with the Oracle 10g Instant Client.

Version 5.7 Build 278 - August 6, 2004

  • Added: Added support for new "Easy Connect" naming method of Oracle 10.
    • i.e.: [//]host[:port][/service_name]
    • which needs no TNSNames.ora file so it's especially useful with the new "Instant Client"
  • Added: Now Database Aliases from TNSNames.Ora will be included in the drop down database list on the Login window. There are new options to turn this off and not have the names lowercased on the login options window. You can also edit the list there (note that this only affects the list, not TNSNames.Ora.)
  • Fixed: Usernames containing '-' were being forced to be case sensitive. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Editor was discarding trailing spaces on lines in some conditions.
  • Fixed: Find and Replace was having problems with multibyte characters.

Version 5.7 Build 277 - June 9, 2004

  • Fixed: Tab character wasn't being considered a separator when double clicking a word.

Version 5.7 Build 276 - April 12, 2004

  • Fixed: PLEdit couldn't handle logins with ' as sysdba' or 'as sysoper'.

Version 5.7 Build 275 - April 9, 2004

  • Fixed: Power Users (users with 'select any table' or 'execute any procedure') wouldn't see all of the available schemas in the SQLBuilder's 'All objects' tab and 'Load from database' window. This now defaults to show all schemas with accessible objects. If this is slow then you may want to set the 'Userlist Performance' option to 'All Users Fast Query'.

Version 5.7 Build 274 - April 8, 2004

  • Fixed: Double-click word selection wasn't honoring word delimiters.

Version 5.7 Build 273 - April 6, 2004

  • Added: New "Load Package and Body into single tab" and "Load Type and Body into single tab" options. Note that you only need to select the package or type to load, not the body.
  • Improved: Changes to keep from picking up 'stray' tnsnames.ora files.
  • Improved: The keyword list has been improved with many more keywords. The keyword list in the options now only holds added keywords. You can also remove keywords by prefixing them with "-" (i.e. -SELECT)
  • Fixed: Fixed several problems with the caret location not being scrolled into view during certain operations (paste, cut, undo/redo.)
  • Fixed: REM was being syntax highlighted even if it wasn't the first word in a line.

Version 5.7 Build 272 - February 11, 2004
  • PLEdit now shows a compile feedback window after every compile. This can be turned off using the "Don't show again" checkbox or by using the 'Show compile confirmations' option on the 'Code' menu.
  • Huge speed improvements on the 'Load from database' and 'Manage Modules' windows with large number of modules.
  • Fixed incorrect error highlight positioning in some cases.
  • Vastly improved SQLBuilder with unlimited objects and much faster handling. SQLBuilder now shows arguments for functions and procedures and also shows functions and procedures of packages and types.
  • Changed the default userlist performance option. If loading the userlist (the first time you use 'open from database' or the SQLBuilder's 'All Objects' page) is slow you may want to try changing this setting on the performance tab. We'd like to hear from you if you have any problems getting acceptable performance using the various options.
  • Correct handling if user has 'select any dictionary' privilege.
  • Added support for JAVA SOURCE.
  • Added a 'Change Password...' item under the File menu.
  • Improved the 'Connection Diagnostics' output with more information.
  • Reduced the memory used by the option objects.
  • Top level menu items now draw with correct background color on XP.
  • Less sensitive to client configuration issues.

Version 5.5 Build 253 - September 18, 2002

  • Added handling for changing your password if it has expired (Oracle 8+ feature.)
  • Fixed a problem where PLEdit wouldn't use the dba_ views in some cases where it was appropriate to do so.

Version 5.5 Build 252 Production - July 2, 2002

  • Added a 'Read Only' checkbox to the login window. Sessions marked read only can only view or export code modules. Note that it is also possible for a dba or system administrator to force all users or specific users to read only mode. Please let us know if you would like this information. As always, the best way to enforce user rights is with Oracle's own grant/rights system.
  • Fixed a problem opening files on machines with the Netware client installed.

Version 5.5 Build 251 Production - February 5, 2002

  • Fixed a parsing error when REM was on a line by itself.

Version 5.5 Build 250 Production - January 22, 2002

  • Added the ability to type in a wildcard search using '%' into the 'Open from database' window. For example typing TEST% and pressing Enter will list all objects that start with TEST.
  • Right clicking a tab now brings up that tab's popup menu instead of the 'reorder tabs' window. Note that the 'Reorder tabs' window is on the 'View' menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor wouldn't change when using the Ctrl-Enter and Shift-Enter hotkeys to compile.

Version 5.5 Build 249 Production - June 27, 2001

  • Fixed a bug where the filename pane (second statusbar pane from the right) would not show the current tab's filename under certain conditions.

Version 5.5 Build 248 Production - June 27, 2001

  • Fixed a bug when using the SQLBuilder set for lowercase tablenames.

Version 5.5 Build 247 - June 26, 2001

  • PLEdit will now try to highlight a word at the error position.
  • The export code window now saves its export directory between runs.
  • Updated the keyboard shortcuts in the Help file (under 'Tips')
  • Fixed a problem where PLEdit would report 'Compile Successful' when there were no valid code modules in the script.
  • Fixed a problem with the filename when loading files from the favorites menu.
  • Fixed a problem with the caret position when scrolling in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a problem where 'Open from database into new private tab...' wouldn't show objects in the 'Load from Database' window.

Version 5.5 Build 245 - March 25, 2001

  • Added support for TYPE and TYPE BODY.

Version 5.5 Build 243 - February 12, 2001

  • Added the ability for the user to set the default filename format for exporting modules and prompting for unnamed file saves. The option can be found on the 'File Saves' page of the options window.
  • Added more information to the Trigger list in the 'load from database' and 'Module Management' windows.
  • The 'load from database' and 'module tools' module lists now have a right click menu which includes the ability to enable or disable triggers.
  • You can now include a comment in your trigger code to force PLEdit to disable the trigger automatically after it is compiled (Oracle will set your trigger as enabled when you compile it even if it was disabled before.) The comment is
    This can be anywhere inside your trigger (right after the first begin is a good point.)
      trigger cdsongs_song_id_trig
        before insert on cdsongs
        for each row
        when ( new.song_id is null or new.song_id = -1 )
        -- PLEDIT: DISABLE
        select song_id_seq.nextval into :new.song_id from dual;
  • Complete printing rewrite. Added a 'Print line numbers' option (on the page settings window).
  • Fixed a printing bug where text could be clipped from the end of a line.
  • Fixed a bug where module names starting with REM would cause a problem.
  • Changes to bring file extension and workspace handling up to Golden's standards.

Version 5.5 Build 239 - October 26, 2000

  • Fixed a bug where changes to the page options on the print preview window would not be used for printing.
  • Added an option called 'Remember SQLBuilder Open Status' to the SQLBuilder options. Checking this will make the SQLBuilder open on startup if it was open when the program was last closed.
  • Added an option called 'Only show users with objects' If checked the list of owners will not include 'empty' owners. This may slow down loading the list on large databases.

Version 5.5 Build 238 - October 16, 2000

  • Changed the {title} macro on the page options dialog to be the current Tab name and add the {account} macro (displays user@alias.)
  • Added an option to the Tabs & Windows option page to allow the tabs to be 'stacked' (all the tabs appear on multiple rows instead of one scrolling row.)
  • Changed the 'Columns' list of the SQLBuilder to a listview showing column index, name, datatype, primary key and index information. Abbreviations are 'P' for Primary Key, 'U' for unique index and 'I' for nonunique index. There is a new setting on the SQLBuilder option page to specify what to show. You can click the column headers to sort (click the same one again to reverse sort.)
  • Added an option to the SQLBuilder option page called 'Only paste when Ctrl is down' If this is checked, you must hold the Ctrl key down when double- clicking a table, or single clicking a column to paste the text into the current SQL Tab.

Version 5.5 Build 237 - October 11, 2000

  • Added the ability to reorder tabs. Just right click in the tab and you will see a list of tabs that can be ordered. You can drag and drop in the list or select one and click the up/down buttons.
  • Add Comment/Uncomment selected lines command to the edit menu. This will add or remove '--' style comments from each selected line.

Version 5.5 Build 236 - September 14, 2000

  • Fixed a problem with hotkeys on the popup menu (Ctrl-F4 being most obvious troublemaker.)
  • Added the new 'Allow cursor past EOL' editor option. Unchecking this option makes the cursor stick to the end of lines just like in Microsoft applications.

Version 5.5 Build 235 - August 25, 2000

  • This release of PLEdit is to fix an incompatibility with Computer Associate's Innoculate Antivirus software.

Version 5.5 Build 233 - March 28, 2000

  • Changes to bring the network code up to Golden 5.5 specs.
  • New Disconnect menu item.
  • Toggle selected case edit menu option.
  • Ctrl-B does bracket select like in Golden.
  • Modified the parsing code to ignore script statements.
  • Moved 'Most Recent Files' menu to the bottom of the file menu.
  • Moved 'Program Options...' menu item to the Tools menu per MS standards.

Version 5.5 Build 232 - March 9, 2000

  • Modified the parsing code to ignore script statements.
  • Moved 'Most Recent Files' menu to the bottom of the file menu.
  • Moved 'Program Options...' menu item to the Tools menu per MS standards.

Version 5.5 Build 231 - December 20, 1999

  • Added options to 'Show all users' on the database lists.
  • Added option to 'Force DBA_ tables' for users who don't have the DBA role and still need to use the DBA_ dictionary tables (a rare circumstance?) Note that the user would have to be granted rights on the dba_objects, dba_triggers, dba_errors tables for this to work.
  • Added hotkeys (Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-]) to move the cursor to the next bracket characters. The bracket characters are ({[<>]}). For example, if the cursor were on the last parenthesis of this text "(to_date(fish))" and you pressed Ctrl-[, the cursor would move to the first character in the text. Note that this also works for any non-alpha characters (i.e. you can use it to jump to the next comma for example.

Version 5.5 Build 228 - November 1, 1999

  • Changed the 'Load from database' window to use the DBA_ views when the user has the DBA role.

Version 5.5 Build 227 - October 27, 1999

  • Fixed the 'Load from database' window to not show the users public and sys by default. Click Options to change.
  • Added a statusbar refresh when you close a tab.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the 'All Objects' tab of SQLBuilder.

Version 5.5 Build 226 - October 11, 1999

  • Changed the 'Open from Database' and 'Module Tools' windows to be quicker with large schemas and to hopefully be easier to use.
  • Changes to the SQLBuilder All Objects page to be faster for large schemas.

Version 5.4 Build 222 - July 20, 1999

  • Fixed a syntax highlighting bug.

Version 5.4 Build 221 - July 19, 1999

  • Fixes a problem when using the Tools menu to go to other app when a hardcoded oci.dll is used.
  • PLEdit now remembers the last directory used.
  • If the AutoRefresh option is unchecked (in the open code from database and code management windows) PLEdit will now only refresh the code list if you click the refresh button. This is helpful for schemas with many objects.
  • The Tools menu will now work when the applications are in different directories. Note that the individual apps have to be run once 'solo' so that their locations can be entered into the registry.

Version 5.4 Build 220 - July 15, 1999

  • New Login window.
  • New 'Save to script file' option when exporting code.
  • Bug fixes to the Code loading and managing windows.

Version 5.3 beta Build 218 - April 14, 1999

  • Changes for Net8 8.1.x.

Version 5.3 beta Build 217 - March 26, 1999

  • Fixed some major problems with find and replace.
    • Find and replace now are modeless and work on whatever tab is active.
    • You can change tabs, type, etc. without closing the find/replace windows.

Version 5.3 Beta Build 216 - March 18, 1999

  • Fixed a problem with the SQLBuilder (nasty freeze up on large schemas.)

Version 5.3 Beta Build 215 - March 4, 1999

  • Fixed a problem where you couldn't load multiple files if you had one blank tab open.
  • Added the ability to open multiple modules at once with 'Open from Database'
  • Added 'Compile selected modules' and 'Drop selected modules' to the 'Open from Database' module list right click menu.
  • Changed the way that the SQLBuilder loads its data. (possible bug fix.)

Version 5.3 Beta Build 214 - February 25, 1999

  • Fixed some problems with incorrectly reported error positions.
  • Added a quick search field to the SQL Builder.
  • Added new buttons to the toolbar:
    • Manage stored modules
    • show dependencies
    • Redo
  • Added new Character Set setting in the edit options.
  • Modified the Open from database window.
    • Added a checkbox to stop auto refreshing the list when settings change.
  • Modified the Manage Stored Modules window.
    • Added a checkbox to stop auto refreshing the list when settings change.
  • Added Ctrl-J = Login to the hotkeys.
  • Editor should be faster and use less memory.

Version 5.2 Beta Build 210 - December 14, 1998

  • Added New Login window to match Golden's. Ability to save passwords.
  • Added New 'Compile module at cursor' option. Generally only useful if you pack more than one module in a script.

Version 5.2 Beta Build 209 - November 18, 1998 (Internal release)

  • Added line numbers and corresponding option. Default is to show line numbers.
  • Added new Show/Compile dependencies window. This will show dependencies for the current module. Right click to compile a module.
  • Added new Manage Stored Modules window for compiling modules/schemas, dropping modules and exporting modules.
  • Fixed problem with Edit|Find.
  • Changed 'Load module from database' window so that you can see all your modules at once.
  • You can now edit the keyword list and SQLBuilder word list in Options.

Version 5.2 Beta Build 208 - October 28, 1998 (Internal release)

  • Changed the way scripts are processed.
    • Scripts will no longer be modified in any way.
    • Scripts may contain more than one code module.
  • Changed interface to match Golden's
  • Changed tab names to name of first module in script (filename is now displayed on the status bar.)
  • Changed 'Add CREATE OR REPLACE' option to only work if the current text is not a script.
  • Added 'Go to line:' feature to the edit window.

Version 5.1 Build 206 - August 12, 1998 Production release

  • Multilevel undo/redo feature.
  • New instance startup code for files opened in explorer.

Version 5.0 Build 204 - July 20, 1998 Production release

  • Reconnected the 'Save as script compatible' feature.
  • Fixed a problem where DBA's couldn't see triggers and package bodies.
  • Fixed a registration bug.

Version 5.0 Build 202 - June 26, 1998 Production release

  • Fixed a bug that would delete all characters up to the first dot '.' character if the trigger name did not contain an owner but did contain an owner in the referenced table clause. This happened when loading trigger from database and dumping code to disk.

Version 5.0 Build 201 - June 19, 1998 Production release

  • Changed data dictionary lookups to force rule based optimiser.

Version 5.0 Build 200 - June 11, 1998 BETA

  • Change interface to match Golden 5.0.
  • Added ability to work with code in other schemas.
  • Note that code export only works for current schema (for now.)

Version 4.1 Build 138 - Apr 28, 1998 Production

  • Added current module name to statusbar.
  • Fixed several editor bugs related to complex syntax highlighting.
  • Faster highlighting.
  • Added Net8 support.

Version 4.0 Build 137 - Feb 19, 1998 Production release

  • Fixed some problems with cut/copy/paste.
  • Optimized handling of large modules.
  • Now displays parse errors of type 'module already exists' and other errors that weren't being displayed.

Version 4.0 Build 136 - Jan 29, 1998 Production release

  • Added views to schema dump.

Version 4.0 Build 135 - Jan 12, 1998 Production release

  • Fixed bug with unindenting.
  • Added "Remove schema name" option from code dump.

Version 4.0 Build 132 - Dec 18, 1997 Beta2 release

  • Fixed problem with error reporting for Triggers with Oracle 7.3 or greater.
  • Added column names to view editing.
  • Fixed extra linefeeds in code headers.

Version 4.0 Build 130 - Dec 10, 1997 Beta release

Here's the version you've been waiting for!

  • New docked error message window.
  • New and improved Load from database window.
    • Sort by clicking on column headers (repeat to reverse sort.)
    • Now you can drop modules after unlocking a button and being prompted!
  • New right click menus on editor and errors.
  • Now allows editing of views (not pl/sql, but often requested!)
  • More control over export feature.
  • Bookmarks. Set bookmarks with Ctrl-Shift-[1-0]. Jump to bookmarked text with Ctrl-[1-0]. i.e. Go to a line in your code and press Ctrl-Shift-1. Now go to a different line and press Ctrl-1. You will jump to the old position. Bookmarks are current instance only (they go away when you close the program.)
  • Fixed problem with cursor moving to top of file when saving and compiling.

Version 3.0 Build 125 - Dec 1, 1997 Production release

  • Double clicking now selects words more intelligently.

Version 3.0 Build 124 - Nov 20, 1997 Beta 3

  • Export to disk wouldn't export trigger bodies.
  • Added some keywords to the syntax highlighting.

Version 3.0 Build 123 - Nov 13, 1997 Beta 2

  • Tiny fix to bring find text into view.

Version 3.0 Build 122 - Nov 12, 1997 Beta 2

  • Fixed syntax highlighting where background color wasn't white.
  • Added option to shut off highlighting.

Version 3.0 Build 121 - Nov 10, 1997 Beta 2

  • Fixed bug where triggers couldn't be edited.

Version 3.0 Build 120 - Nov 7, 1997 Beta 1

  • Code syntax highlighting!
  • Cosmetic changes to the statusbar.
  • Notes: The syntax highlighting is set in the Program Options dialog box off the File Menu. The value of Tab Size is now in character widths. You may have to adjust this value.

Version 2.7 Build 113 - Sept 10, 1997

  • Changed loading of code from user_source to not add linefeeds to each line. This will fix the 'line over 255 chars' problem. Note that code compiled with other tools may not properly place a linefeed at the end of each 'real' line.

Version 2.7 Build 112 - July 31, 1997

  • Slightly changed parsing of module name and type to handle comments, etc...
  • Fixed some bugs related to Save and SaveAs.

Version 2.7 Build 110 - July 14, 1997

  • Added option to save files with 'CREATE OR REPLACE' and trailing '/' to make files compatible with script applications.
  • Added wordwrap to error lists. Show errors in statusbar.

Version 2.6 Build 107 - July 11, 1997

  • Editor improvements
    • Home key toggles between beginning of line and first non-whitespace char.
    • Tab and shift-tab indents/unindents selected blocks.
  • Fixed problem where Modulename wouldn't parse properly.
  • Add version info and build number to about box.
  • Started History file!